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portrait of Agnieszka Wąsowska

Hello, UXPin!

My name is Agnieszka, and I set up this page to present my work samples,
as requested in your job ad.

Below you will find samples of my most recent writing and editing work as well as my crowdfunding projects, covering communication and content design, including video.


  1. I wrote all content for the new locatheart website (in English; locatheart is a dynamic translation agency from Gdańsk):
    • This PDF guidebook was the first step in my locatheart content strategy – an asset used in contacting potential clients:
      view Translation Agency. Why and How? (I came up with the idea and structure. I wrote the entire guidebook in English).
    • I have created an online guide called Translation Essentials. It explains all basic concepts of modern translation – from types of services and quality thresholds, to cost calculation and verifying quality in languages you don’t know. There are several dozen short and informative, interconnected articles. Here are 2 examples:
  2. Here are several articles I published on LinkedIn regarding communication design language and technology. All written originally in English:
  3. In case Polish is of any importance, here are 2 of my recent blog posts:


  1. I am the editor of the locatheart blog – I set the topics, assign them to authors, create requirements and goals for each post (including keyword analysis and optimisation), review content and overlook the processes of translation and proofreading (each text is published both in Polish and English). Samples:
  2. I act as editor of publications by the Fashion Revolution Polska association. In 2020 I was involved in 2 significant projects:
    • Biała Księga Fashion Revolution is the Polish edition of Fashion Revolution’s 60-pages-long 2020 whitepaper about the state of sustainable fashion and transparency in fashion on a global scale. I was the only editor of the Polish edition.
    • Leksykon mody odpowiedzialnej (Responsible Fashion Lexicon, due in March 2021, language: Polish) is an original project by Fashion Revolution Polska. I am its co-editor.
  3. Twożywo. Plundering Reality’s Ruins is an artbook&album by (and about) the renowned Polish art group Twożywo. It took several years to finish this project. I started our as the main translator and project coordinator. In the process I also became the editor of the English part (the book is bilingual) responsible for verification and composition of the content, overseeing proofreading and more.

Crowdfunding and video

I was responsible for communication design for 3 crowdfunding campaigns.

  1. Honey Hunters – documentary film directed by Krystian Marysek, prod. Arkana Studio (2015)
    The project raised 198% (approx. 12,500 EUR).
    In this project I had the pleasure to create a number of professional short videos matching the campaign goals (interviews, scenes never used in the film, before and after effects).
    View trailer
    Visit crowdfunding campaign (Polish)
    The project received the Panda Award (People and Natura) at the Bristol Wildscreen Festival.
  2. Girl on Canvas – artbook by Pola Dwurnik (2013)
    The project raised 107% (approx. 8,000 EUR).
    Visit website
    Visit crowdfunding campaign (Polish)
    View finished book (it’s amazing!)
  3. PR.Network – startup online service for assessing the reputation of public figures and institutions. The full campaign strategy and communication was designed and partly implemented. It was never used because the founders changed their concept, goal and name.
    This is a professional animation (meant for the crowdfunding campaign) based on my script and animatic. I am also the author of the voice over text:

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